Directors’ Message

Directors’ Message

We must first salute and pay respect to everyone who is striving now to deal with a situation that seemed unimaginable just a few months ago. Above all, we would like to convey our immeasurable gratitude to the many working so hard day in, day out in life-threatening circumstances, and to the many who support our lives by keeping logistics and other vital social infrastructures going.

When even going somewhere or touching something, let alone gathering together with other people, have become activities we cannot do unmindfully, our whole way of viewing the world has changed. We are reminded that talking and eating in the same space, that watching and listening to something, does not consist merely of the information that we get through our eyes, ears, or mouths. Now truly is the time for art to discover a means of assuaging this unidentifiable hunger and thirst.

We are currently moving forward with our preparations for Festival/Tokyo on the assumption that it will take a little more time until a final decision is made whether or not the festival can be held this autumn and, if it can be, in what form. Rest assured, though, we shall find a way for everyone to come together.

Kaku Nagashima (Director), Chika Kawai (Co-Director)



Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee (Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, NPO Arts Network Japan [NPO-ANJ]), Tokyo Festival Executive Committee (Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture [Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo])


● Sceno-ha (Scenographers’ Collective) (Japan)
Itaru Sugiyama, Ryo Sakamoto, Ayami Sasaki, Tomomi Nakamura (art project)

● Hand Saw Press (Japan) (art project)

● fabien prioville dance company (Germany) (dance)

● Shu Matsui (Japan) + Kim Jeong (South Korea) (theatre)

● Momonga Complex (Japan) (dance)

● Takuya Murakawa (Japan) (theatre)

● Teater Ekamatra (Singapore) (theatre)

● BIPAM (Thailand/Japan) (exchange project)

● Research Program

● Education & Outreach Program

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Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee Secretariat