Coronavirus Measures

The following information is correct as of July 10, 2020.

Request to Audience Members Concerning the Coronavirus

・ We ask audience members for their cooperation in wearing a face mask, disinfecting hands, and maintaining social distancing.
・ Audience members with a fever or signs of a cold, or who otherwise do not feel well are kindly asked to refrain from attending events at the festival.
・ Performances at theatre venues will be held in accordance to the guidelines at each venue. Audience members will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. Audience members will not be admitted under the following conditions:
1. They have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above.
2. They are exhibiting signs of a cough, sore throat, or headache.


Measures in Place at Venues

・ Seating at theatre and other venues is arranged so as to reduce the risk of infection, such as by keeping seats empty on either side of an occupied seat, or by placing seats at an appropriate distance from each other. 

・ Venues are ventilated and places that come into physical contact with large numbers of people, such as door handles or handrails, are regularly disinfected.

・ For outdoor events, the number of attendees is limited to avoid clusters, and equipment or items that may come into contact with people are regularly disinfected.


Measures in Place for Members of Staff and Performers

・ Festival staff will carry out their duties wearing face masks or shields, gloves, and other protective clothing as appropriate.

・ To reduce the risk of possible infection from performers to audience members, measures will be put into place as appropriate to each performance.

・ Rehearsals and preparations of the productions were conducted according to guidelines carefully designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

・ Members of each production team (including casts and crews) are undertaking regular health and temperature checks, and measures are in place to facilitate contact tracing. Any members of a production team visiting from outside Japan will complete the necessary period of isolation after entering the country.