Festival/Tokyo 2020 has finished.
Thank you to all our audiences and participants!

Festival/Tokyo 2020 is now over. The thirteenth edition of the festival was held from October 16 to November 15. Taking place in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the festival adapted to the circumstances by implementing various countermeasures to reduce the risk of infection as well as experimenting with new approaches for presenting work both online and offline.

Thank you to all our audiences and participants.

We will be updating the festival website and social media channels with images from the festival, so be sure to check back later.

Highlights from F/T20

Closing Remarks from the Directors of Festival/Tokyo 2020

ディレクター 長島 確

As a result of undertaking preparations in the belief that, regardless of the current state of everyday life, one of the important roles of an art festival is to facilitate incidental encounters and discoveries that would not be possible without the festival, the response was large. Alongside rediscovering the value of gathering together in person, another part of the immense harvest the festival yielded was being able to meet new audiences and participants online, including those outside the country. What took place and was produced this year was both the fruit of the imaginations of all the festival’s participants—from the artists to audiences, members of staff, and partners—and an expression of their volition. The things that were obtained during the festival by us, either individually or collectively, will without any doubt lead to much more in the future. Thank you to everyone who was involved with the festival.

November 15, 2020
Kaku Nagashima
Director, Festival/Tokyo


The curtain has come down on this year’s festival. Over the roughly six months since we formally announced F/T20, our world has remained unstable. The internet, which connects us in real time even with people overseas, has greatly transformed the creation process. What was previously used in a complementary capacity has now come to occupy the principal position. How would people experience the festival’s programs? Thinking about this question, we brainstormed ideas together and could incorporate choices we never had until now. That we were able to open up such possibilities for the future is the great asset we acquired. I would like to thank everyone involved in making the festival happen this year.

November 15, 2020
Chika Kawai
Co-Director, Festival/Tokyo

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