Surtitles & Performances for International Audiences

Regardless of how much Japanese you understand or whatever language(s) you speak, there are plenty of performances that non-Japanese audiences an enjoy at Festival/Tokyo 2013.

Audiences with questions about language issues regarding the performances or other events as part of F/T13 are invited to inquire with the F/T Ticket Center by email or by visiting the F/T Station.

Performances in English

"The Coming Storm": Performed in English (Japanese surtitles)

"33rpm and a few seconds": Performed in English (Japanese surtitles)

"The Pixellated Revolution": In English (Japanese subtitles)

"Ganesh Versus the Third Reich": Performed in English (Japanese surtitles)

Performances in Other Languages

"Riding on a Cloud": Performed in ARABIC (Japanese surtitles)

"The God of Earth Comes Up Imperfectly": Performed in KOREAN (Japanese surtitles)

"CLOUD": Performed in CHINESE (Japanese surtitles)

"A Midsummer Night's Chat": Performed in CHINESE (Japanese surtitles)

"The Warfare of Landmine 2.0": Performed in CHINESE (Japanese surtitles)

F/T Symposium: Three speakers in the panel are German and will be talking in their native language (Japanese interpretation provided). However, please note that Japanese-German interpretation for the Japanese panellists will not be available.

Surtitled Performances

"Current Location": All performances for Toshiki Okada's play will feature ENGLISH surtitles

"The Long Field Trip": Selected performances of the new play by Shu Matsui will have ENGLISH surtitles

"The Qlobe of Life II": Performed in Japanese with ENGLISH surtitles

"Stray's Collar": Performed in Japanese with ENGLISH surtitles

Please note that surtitles are the responsibility of the individual production companies.

Performances with Guidance in English

"A Promising Daughter": Performed in Japanese with English summaries available

Festival/Tokyo will supply synopses and/or other guidance in English for all performances in the F/T Emerging Artists Program, and also for select productions in the F/T Main Program ("Overdose: Psycho-Catastrophe", "Riding on a cloud", "The Long Field Trip", "Prolog?" [both productions], "Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan", "100% Tokyo", "Water Like Stone").

"Tokyo Heterotopia": Akira Takayama's latest urban site-specific experience will center around a radio audio tour. Though the audio will be in Japanese only, the guidance to the locations will be bilingual. An English translation of the director's concept text is available at the reception.

No Language Needed!

"F/T Opening Event": F/T Mob Training Session and F/T Concert can be enjoyed without any language barrier

"F/T Mob Special": Just watch the videos online and then go to see or take part in the flash mobs

"Keine Stimme - Epilog?": Art installation

"Dancing Girl": Dance performance

"Overdose: Psycho-Catastrophe": Indonesia Theatre of Studio's outdoor bamboo drama is an epic physical theatre spectacle with no language element