F/T Emerging Artists Program


Closure of the F/T Emerging Artists Program

Along with its change of director, from the next fiscal year Festival/Tokyo plans to implement a new youth and Asian development program.


F/T Emerging Artists Program: F/T Award winner announced

The winner of the F/T Award 2013 has been announced.

Congratulations to Chong Wang and Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental, who have won the 2013 F/T Award for their production "The Warfare of Landmine 2.0".


Surtitles & Performances for International Audiences

Regardless of how much Japanese you understand or whatever language(s) you speak, there are plenty of performances that non-Japanese audiences an enjoy at Festival/Tokyo 2013.

Audiences with questions about language issues regarding the performances or other events as part of F/T13 are invited to inquire with the F/T Ticket Center by email or by visiting the F/T Station.


F/T13 Program Announced

Full details on the Festival/Tokyo 2013 programs have now been released.


Festival/Tokyo 2013 coming this November & December 2013!

We are pleased to announce Festival/Tokyo 2013 (F/T13), the sixth edition of Japan's leading performing arts festival.


F/T13 Emerging Artists Program: Final Line-Up

Thank you to all the companies and artists who applied to take part in the Emerging Artists Program during Festival/Tokyo 2013.

A shortlist was selected from the entries and announced after the first round of assessment. Following a second process of internal evaluation, the following nine participants were chosen for the final program line-up.


Shortlist Announced for F/T13 Emerging Artists Program

The F/T Emerging Artists Program is a unique platform supporting the work of new Asian performing arts companies and artists.

Following an application period from December 10th, 2012, until January 31st, 2013, 137 entries (74 from Japan, 63 from other areas of Asia) were received for the 2013 program.

We have now announced the shortlist of candidates to be selected!


F/T13 Emerging Artists Program: 137 applicants from all over Asia

The deadline for applications for the F/T13 Emerging Artists Program was on January 31st.

We received applicants from all over Asia.

The total number this year was 137 applicants: 74 from Japan, 63 from other parts of Asia.


F/T13 Emerging Artists Program: Online Applications Open 12/10 (Mon)!

The F/T Emerging Artists Program is supporting the work of new theatre artists and groups in Japan and Asia, helping to build new shared creative networks and critical platforms.


Indonesia Theatre of Studio "The Bionarration of a Disjointed Body!" wins the F/T Award 2012

The F/T Emerging Artists Program supports the next generation of young Asian artists and companies to produce their own work in Tokyo.

The F/T Award is then given to the work in the program judged to have the most artistic and creative value.