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Roaming Shopping Street Festival: Phantom Edition

Rendez-Vous Otsuka South & North

We assemble together
Unfortunately, the ticket purchasing and reservation system for the streamed version of this performance is not available to audiences based outside Japan. The system only accepts credit cards issued in Japan and requires a Japanese cell phone number in order to send a verification code when registering. The address input field is also not compatible with addresses outside Japan.


Divine Daughter Anemone (with English and Japanese subtitles)


Berak (with English, Japanese, Malay, and Chinese subtitles)

English Subtitles


Divine Daughter Anemone

English Guidance/Instructions Available

Pop-up Riso Zine Studio

Roaming Shopping Street Festival: Phantom Edition


Moonlight (basic English synopsis available in the venue)

The City & The City: Divided Senses (with links to English and Thai translations available in the venue)

Symposium: Festival Update—Why hold a performing arts festival “in the city”? (And how to hold it even in a time of pandemic?)
Though some of the symposium guest speakers will speak in English and French, it is not possible for viewers to hear the presentations without the Japanese interpretation audio. Due to system and budgetary restraints, the English and French interpretation provided to the guest speakers is also not available for general viewers.

The information in this guide is subject to change and may be updated at a later date.


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