Language Guide for Performances and Events at Festival/Tokyo 2018

Worried about the language barrier at Festival/Tokyo 2018? Here is our guide to which performances and events are happening in what language.

No Language


English Synopsis & Translation Available

“A Poet: We See a Rainbow”
“Radio Pacific”

More TBA

In English and Khmer

BonnPhum in Tokyo
Fields: Phnom Penh

Performed in Bengali

Swapnadal “Tringsha Shatabdee (30th Century)”

Screenings in Various Languages

Beyond Borders—Past and Future of the Asia Series

Performed in Japanese and Farsi


Performed in Japanese

“A Poet: We See a Rainbow”
“Radio Pacific”
L PACK. “Saduck & Kimbley”
marebito theater company “Performing Fukushima”

Screening in Japanese

DOCU(NT)MENT “Changes”

Talks in Japanese

Directors’ Lounge (some Polish)
Symposium: Festival Update

This guide will be updated with new information as it becomes available.