F/T Mob Updates and Announcements

F/T Mob is a series of outdoor events and its start times and other details are subject to weather conditions. Please check the F/T Mob Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates on the flash mob events.



F/T Mob Website

What is a flash mob?

The so-called "flash mob" phenomenon refers to happenings where unspecified groups of people use email, social networking sites or other means to collude in gathering together at a plaza, station, airport or other public space and performing a shared activity.

F/T Mob is a series of flash mob happenings every weekend during F/T12, each time organized by different artists. Participants will transform F/Tʼs home turf of Ikebukuro through unique movement and dance. All you need do is memorize the choreography that is released online beforehand and then gather at the location.

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