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The so-called "flash mob" phenomenon refers to happenings where unspecified groups of people use email, social networking sites or other means to collude in gathering together at a plaza, station, airport or other public space and performing a shared activity. The objectives are diverse, including art, advertising, demos and commemoration, but always momentarily transforming the city into an unconventional space, and stimulating our thoughts and feelings.

F/T Mob is a series of flash mob happenings every weekend during F/T12, each time organized by different artists. Participants will transform F/Tʼs home turf of Ikebukuro through unique movement and dance. All you need do is memorize the choreography that is released online beforehand and then gather at the location. (Of course, on the day itself passers-by may also find themselves joining in!) These performances be born out of the original ideas of the organizers and the physicality of the participants uniting as a single body, revealing a new artistic medium in the city that also envelopes the other people in the area.

10/27 (Sat), 10/28 (Sun)
Jérôme Bel: Director, Choreographer [France]

Dancer and choreographer born in France in 1964. Known for his conceptual works combining language with physical expression. He studied at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine of Angers in France, working as a dancer in a large number of other choreographersʼ productions. He began his own work as a choreographer fully from 1994. His "The Show Must Go On" was part of F/T11.

11/3 (Sat), 11/4 (Sun)
Shigehiro Ide: Dancer, Choreographer, Director [Japan]

He set up Idevian Crew in 1995. He is known for his choreography utilizing ideas free from the boundaries of existing dance, everyday movement and the individuality of each dancer. He also choreographs theatre and music videos. He has won the Yomiuri Theater Grand Prix Outstanding Staff Award, along with many other prizes. His collaboration with Thai dancers, "KOKASHITA" (2009), has been previously presented at F/T.

11/10 (Sat), 11/11 (Sun)
KENTARO!!: Dancer, Choreographer [Japan]

Born in 1980. Using on hip hop techniques, he creates original work breaking away from existing styles. Leader of TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS. He has won numerous awards, including the Young Choreographer Prize, sponsored by the French Embassy for the Yokohama Dance Collection R (2008), the Next Stage Special Prize and Audience Prize at the Toyota Choreography Awards, and the Japan Dance Forum Award (2010).

11/17 (Sat), 11/18 (Sun)
Momoko Shiraga: Dancer, Choreographer, Director [Japan]

Graduating from J. F. Oberlin University in 2005, she founded the dance performance-style group, momonga complex. She has created choreography for theatre works, such as Mamagotoʼs "Our Planet" (2009), and performed in music events and for Kinoshita Kabuki. Recently she has also been active with a new unit, hatahata, created with OKAZAKI ART THEATREʼs Yudai Kamisato.

11/24 (Sat), 11/25 (Sun)
Shuji Onodera: Director [Japan]

After studying at the Institute of Japan Mime, Shuji Onodera founded Mizuto Abura in 1995. The group disbanded in 2006 and Onodera travelled to study in France. On his return he established company derashinera in 2007. He has recently directed performances at the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center and the New National Theatre, Tokyo, and won the Yomiuri Theater Grand Prix Outstanding Staff Award.

Further details of the events will be released on the F/T website.


Free / No Reservation
Further details will be released on the F/T website.

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10/27 (Sat), 10/28 (Sun): Jérôme Bel
11/3 (Sat), 11/4 (Sun): Shigehiro Ide
11/10 (Sat), 11/11 (Sun): KENTARO!!
11/17 (Sat), 11/18 (Sun): Momoko Shiraga
11/24 (Sat), 11/25 (Sun): Shuji Onodera



Venue: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park and elsewhere



Jérôme Bel
Choreographer, Director


Shigehiro Ide
Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Leader of Idevian Crew


Dancer, Choreographer, Leader of TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS


Momoko Shiraga
Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Leader of momonga complex


Shuji Onodera
Director, Leader of company derashinera