Directed, Filmed and Edited
by Suguru Yamamoto

F/T’s first film production explores a gaze on a body that simultaneously performs and is made to perform
The playwright and director Suguru Yamamoto (HANCHU-YUEI) has frequently employed video footage in his previous work as part of his continued contemplation of body and image in terms of their distinction and fusion. For the latest iteration of his solo project DOCU(NT)MENT, which examines the life of a single human being, he now makes his first film. Incorporating documentary techniques, Yamamoto’s camera focuses on the actor Mikie Tanaka, who has worked with him as a performer for eight years. Tracking Tanaka as she simultaneously performs and is made to perform, Yamamoto’s gaze also both changes and is made to change. This sincere yet thrilling process emerges through the lens.


Venue Owlspot Theater

11/13 (Tue) 19:30 
11/14 (Wed) 13:00 / 17:00

Box office opens 30 minutes before.
Doors open 15 minutes before.

Running Time 80 min. (TBC)
Language Japanese (no subtitles)
Tickets Unreserved seating
¥1,500 (advance, same day)
  High School Students and Under
Student ID or proof of age required

Admission from ages 3 and above (tickets required from high school age). Please refrain from placing children on the laps of guardians during the screening.


F/T Ticket Center

Artist Profiles

アーチスト名Photo: amemiyayukitaka


DOCU(NT)MENT is a solo project launched by Suguru Yamamoto, the head of HANCHU-YUEI, in 2012 to examine the life of a single human being.

Previous Performances
“The Unknown Dancer in the Neighboring Town” (Outdoor Performance Series, F/T16)

Suguru Yamamoto
Playwright, Director

Harnessing his interdisciplinary arts education across cinema, literature, music, and visual art, Suguru Yamamoto constructs a theatrical world vividly reflecting contemporary shifts in ethics and the circulation of information. “Girl X” won Best Play and Best Original Script awards at the Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2014. “I can’t die without being born” (2014) and “That Night and Friends” (2017) were shortlisted for the Kishida Kunio Drama Award.

Cast & Creative

Directed by Suguru Yamamoto
Cast: Mikie Tanaka
Sound & Director of Photography: Takaki Sudo
Camera Operators: Ryuzo Nakazato, Yuki Higuchi, Shun Sasa
Shoot Assistant: Kaede Konishi
Music: Kishiro Ohno
Costumes & Makeup: Rie Usui
Production Coordinators: Yumina Kato (Steep Slope Studio), Mayuko Arakawa (Festival/Tokyo)
Interns: Sumire Enjoji, Emi Kobori, Makiko Yamazato
Produced by Festival/Tokyo
Co-produced by DOCU(NT)MENT, Steep Slope Studio
Presented by Festival/Tokyo