Information on outdoor performances of "The Bionarration of a Disjointed Body!"

"The Bionarration of a Disjointed Body!" by Indonesia Theatre of Studio will be performed from 11/9 (Fri) to 11/11 (Sun). It is an outdoors production, so please be aware of the following information.

- Performances will continue in case of rain but cancelled in the case of stormy weather.

- Regardless of weather conditions, decisions on performances will be published on the F/T website at 12:00 on the day of every performance, and released through F/T's social media channels. However, please be aware that this decision may also be updated later in the day.

- No compensation is made for travel costs to the venue in the case of cancellation or postponement.

- There is no roofing at the venue. Please prepare adequately for rain and colder temperatures.

- Unfortunately we cannot install cloakrooms at the sites. Please avoid bringing much luggage or belongings.

- At some performances photography and/or video of the venue, including the audience, may be made public.

- Organizers are not responsible whatsoever in the case of accident or theft etc. at the venue.

"The Bionarration of a Disjointed Body!"
Dates: 11/9 (Fri), 11/10 (Sat), 11/11 (Sun), all at 16:30
Venue: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park
Free! No reservation required

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