F/T Symposium: Speakers Announced

Bringing together artists, journalists and the Program Director, the F/T Symposium is a series of discussion events on November 20 (Tue) crossing over between praxis and theory during the month-long F/T Program.

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Theme 1: "The Era of Involved Parties" in Theatre 14:00-16:00
Moderator: Kyoko Iwaki (performing arts journalist)
Speakers: Akira Takayama (director), Masataka Matsuda (marehito theater company), Takuya Murakawa (director, video artist)
Guest Speaker: Naoya Hatakeyama (photographer)

Theme 2: Where is the Language of Theatre? 16:30-18:30
Moderator: Atsushi Sasaki (critic)
Speakers: Motoi Miura (director), Masahiro Miwa (composer)
Guest Speakers: Masachi Osawa (sociologist), Kazushi Hosaka (writer)

Theme 3: Plural Asia, Plural Perspectives 19:00-21:00
Moderator: Hidenaga Otori (theatre critic)
Speakers: Yudai Kamisato (director, playwright), Chiaki Soma (F/T Program Director), Wenguang Wu (film director, theatre director), Hyunsuk Seo (director, theatre researcher)
Guest Speakers: Shunya Yoshimi (sociologist)

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Please note that these events will be in Japanese only.

¥500 per session
Online reservation required
Capacity: 50 persons per session
Reservation via the Japanese website: