Transfield from Asia

Soft Play

Directed and Performed by Akihiko Taniguchi

Playfully probing the border between the real and the virtual

From “a throw of the dice” (2018), a real-time simulation of the titular act in which different scanned landscapes each from a previous throw appear on the screen depending on where the die lands, to “The Big Browser 3D” (2016), in which a large three-dimensional browser is viewable by controlling an avatar of the artist, the new media artist Akihiko Taniguchi’s sharp and witty work strives to redefine the border between the real and the virtual. He here presents his first ever theatre work, especially created for F/T. This new piece combines two types of places: a children’s soft play area, which is made entirely from soft materials, and a virtual space, which is designed as a simulation of reality. Into this environment appears Taniguchi’s avatar, controlled by the artist himself. His unique take on a theatre “performance” that does not require a specific place, let alone an actual body, questions our assumptions and the possibilities of the medium.


Name Soft Play

11/9 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00
11/10 (Sun) 16:00

Venue Theater Green (BIG TREE THEATER)
Running Time 75 min. (TBC)
Language Performed in Japanese
Tickets Unreserved seating


Advance ¥3,000


High School Students & Younger ¥1,000*
Festival Pass (3 Performances) ¥2,600
Same Day ¥3,500

*For both advance and same-day tickets. Proof of age required.

Artist Profile

Akihiko Taniguchi


Born in 1983, Akihiko Taniguchi’s varied practice encompasses new media art, video, sculpture, and DJing. He teaches art and media at the Department of Information Design, Tama Art University. Hismajorexhibitionsinclude “SeMABiennaleMediacity Seoul 2016” (2016, Seoul Museum of Art) and the solo show “Hyper, Here, Now” (2017, CALM & PUNK GALLERY).

Cast & Creative

Directed and Performed by Akihiko Taniguchi
Technical Manager: Eiji Torakawa
Assistant Technical Manager: Nahoko Yokokawa
Stage Manager: Go Sato
Stage Design Coordinator: Tomomi Nakamura
Stage Assistant: Hiromichi Aramaki
Lighting Coordinator: Naoki Kinoshita (Factor Co., Ltd.)
Sound Coordinator: Akira Aikawa (Sound Weeds Inc.)
Video Coordinator: Mucho Muramatsu
Music: hoon
Publicity Design: TAICHI ABE DESIGN INC.
Photography & Video: Takashi Fujikawa, Hibiki Miyazawa (Alloposidae)
Production Coordinators: Yuko Takeda (Festival/Tokyo), Aya Comori (TASKO inc.)
Production Assistant: Chihiro Suzuki
Interns: Yuriko Yano, Momoka Yunoki, Kirara Yokoi, Yuko Obuchi
3D scanning support from Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
Co-organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center
Presented by Festival/Tokyo


Theater Green (BIG TREE THEATER)

  • 2-20-4 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • 2 minutes’ walk from Exit 39 and 6 minutes’ walk from East Exit of Ikebukuro Station on JR Line and other lines.
  • 5 minutes’ walk from Higashi- ikebukuro Station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.
  • 7 minutes’ walk from Toden-Zoshigaya on Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line).