Conceived and Directed by Jun Kitazawa

An oasis that appears with a Yogyakarta food stall

Through such projects as “NEIGHBOR’S LAND” (2018), in which he recreated the original homes of expatriates from their memories, Jun Kitazawa has pursued a process of fieldwork and collaboration to create new kinds of communities. This project starts with the appearance in the Ikebukuro area of angkringan, a type of food stall common to Yogyakarta, where Kitazawa is based. Functioning as a stall covered with a sheet and found at various locations around the city, the inside of the angkringan is hidden from the outside world. Entering the angkringan, the customer not only buys a drink or refreshments, but also enjoys conversation with the owner and other patrons. In this way, the angkringan is an informal place for spending time without a particular goal. The F/T angkringan stalls appear in various locations with the involvement of the Indonesian community in Japan. They form a place that belongs nowhere, yet is also unique to its location and somewhere we want to go.



11/1 (Fri) – 11/10 (Sun)

Venue Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (front plaza) and other locations
The locations of the angkringan stalls varies per day. For further information, please ask at the angkringan in the plaza in front of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre or check the F/T website.


Free (no reservation required)

Artist Profile

Jun Kitazawa


Born in Tokyo in 1988, Jun Kitazawa is an artist based in Yogyakarta. He completed doctoral studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, and is now head of Jun Kitazwa Office Yakumo and director of Studio Belimbing. In his artistic practice, he pursues a process of envisioning possible models of society through fieldwork and then working toward its realization via collaboration with a range of partners. In 2016, he was selected by Forbes Magazines as one of 30 Under 30 Asia in the art category.

Cast & Creative

Conceived and Directed by Jun Kitazawa