Aerobics!- A Ballet in 3 Acts

Photo: Alex Brenner

Dance New Air 2018
Paula Rosolen
 A Ballet in 3 Acts

This unique performance is based on research into the structures of aerobics, which took the world by storm in the 1980s. Aerobics is here dismantled as a form of physical exercise or fitness training, and then reconstructed as dance. The dancers explore the relationships between dance, choreography, and aerobics from the perspectives of aesthetic sense and systematic movement.


Venue Spiral Hall
Dates 10/13 (Sat) – 10/14 (Sun)
Tickets ¥4,000
Inquiries Dance New Air 080-3340-5670
Notes Admission from elementary school age and above

Cast & Creative

Conceived and Choreographed by Paula Rosolen
Presented by Dance New Air Executive Committee
Dance Nippon Associates
Wacoal Art Center