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Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance

marebito theater company [Japan]

November 15 (Thu) - November 18 (Sun) Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory


Marebito theater company interviews and reports on actual places and residents, including that creation process in the final work, such as its previous "Hiroshima-Nagasaki" series on the cities that have experienced unprecedented calamities. Heading to Fukushima a year on from the disaster in Tohoku, the journey is paralleled by the Greek tragedy "Antigone".

The eponymous heroine defied the law to bury the body of her brother, who died rebelling against the state. She is a symbol of someone that challenges the lines between enemy and ally, the dead and the living. This work purports to show a fictitious touring theatre group taking a performance of "Antigone" to Fukushima, re-examining the ambiguity in the social fissures and demarcations exposed after 3.11.

The "performance tour" will start from the summer, appearing in the real world with its traces visible online through Twitter and a blog. At the F/T12 performance the actors will then show themselves before an audience for the first time. Via numerous texts, audio performances, and acting, the "journey" will be recreated, an experiment in diverse reportage mixing truth and falsities, opening up a route to unknown landscapes and words.


On sale from 10:00 on September 15 (Sat), 2012

Prices: Dated tickets
Advance ¥3,000 (Day + ¥500)
Students ¥3,000 / High School Students and Under ¥1,000 (Show student ID for advance & day tickets)

Available from: F/T Ticket Center (Tel./Online); Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office; Ticket Pia [P Code: 422-525] (Japanese only) e-plus (Japanese only), confetti (Japanese only)
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Ticket Information


11/15 (Thu) 14:00-
11/16 (Fri) 14:00-
11/17 (Sat) 14:00-
11/18 (Sun) 11:00-
Duration: 7 hours
The box office opens 30 minutes prior to start of the performance, and closes 1 hour prior to end of the performance.
Audiences may enter at any time when the box office is open.
Audiences may leave and re-enter.

This theatre work is composed of 2 parts. First it will develop a story inside an actual town from the end of July until October.
At F/T it will then present the second performance, a "dramatized re-enactment" of the records of the first performance.
We recommend that audiences for the F/T performances view the continually updated online records of the first part:



Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory
4-9-1 Nishi-Sugamo, Toshima-ku
Tel: 03-5961-5200
Located next to exit A4 (eleva-tor) of Nishi-Sugamo Station, Toei Mita Line.
3 minutes walk from Shin-Koshinzuka Station, Toden Arakawa Line.



Masataka Matsuda
Playwright, Director, Leader of marebito theater company