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In September 2011 Elfriede Jelinek published her response to 3.11 on her website, the play text "Kein Licht." Then on March 12, 2012 she published a follow-up text, "Kein Licht II", branding a large question mark on the Fukushima situation, already being concluded and forgotten. In the text are scattered the words of "Antigone", the classical Sophocles play with a heroine who sided with the dead, and who never stopped speaking against authority and power.

F/T commissioned Port B's Akira Takayama to stage Jelinek's text and for this he will compose a fictional "Fukushima tour" using the urban space of Tokyo to stand in for Fukushima. Participants will experience Jelinek's words, while over the familiar Tokyo landscape they superimpose the representations of Fukushima impressed on them by media images. This is the first time in the world a Jelinek text has been staged in a tour performance like this, and it will form an attempt to re-grasp the actual relationship between Fukushima and Tokyo.

Audiences will tour around Shimbashi listening to Jelinek's text read by school students from Fukushma, tuning radios to specific frequencies at each location in the city. They travel without guides, as sightseers to both the Tokyo and Fukushima landscapes, holding tourist postcards with maps in a world of haunting voices and ambiguous urban spectacle.


On sale from 10:00 on September 15 (Sat), 2012

Prices: ¥2,000 (no play text, Day + ¥500)
¥4,500 (Jelinek Play Text Set; limited availability)
Students ¥2,000 / High School Students and Under ¥1,000 (Show student ID for advance & day tickets)

Available from: F/T Ticket Center (Tel./Online); Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office; Ticket Pia [P Code: 422-524] (Japanese only) e-plus (Japanese only), confetti (Japanese only)
Valid for F/T Pass, Jelinek Play Text Set, Jelinek Series & Play Text Sets, 5 Performance Pass
Jelinek Play Text sets for Student Tickets also available.

The “Jelinek Play Texts” (Hakusuisha) includes Elfriede Jelinek’s “Kein Licht.”, “Kein Licht II”, “Rechnitz (Der Würgeengel)”, and “Wolken. Heim.” (Japanese translation: Tatsuki Hayashi).

This is a tour-style performance. Audiences will leave one by one from a designated venue.

Ticket Reservation Process:
1) Please purchase tickets via PayPal.
2) Notification by email will then be sent to audiences regarding reserving tour dates and times
(Sets and other ticket packages also follow the same procedure as the above.)
Further details can be viewed on the F/T News blog.

Viewing Procedure:
This is a tour-style theatre performance where audiences will leave one by one, visiting multiple locations.
The reception will accept reservations every 30 minutes.
After arriving at the time of your reservation, audiences will depart individually at intervals of a few minutes.
Arriving after your reserved departure time will invalidate your reservation.
The experience of this theatre work will be affected by the conditions of the locale at the time. Please choose your preferred day and time.

Ticket Information


November 10 (Sat) – November 24 (Sat)
No performances on November 11 (Sun), November 20 (Tue)
Viewing experiences will depend on individual visitors, but the suggested tour time is 2 hours (including travel time).
Reception: 15:00-18:30 (Intake/departures every 30 minutes)



Reception (Departure Point):
New Shimbashi Building 3F
In front of CATTLEYA (coffee shop)
2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minakuto-ku
Shimbashi Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line, JR Tokaido Line. 3 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station.

Please exit from Karasumori Exit (JR Shimbashi Station) and enter the New Shimbashi Building. Take the escalator to the third floor. Please wear shoes that are suitable for walking.



Akira Takayama


Elfriede Jelinek
Poet, Novelist, Playwright