F/T Ticket Information

Tickets for performances presented by F/T are on sale December 18 (Thu), 2008

Festival/Tokyo homepage
03-5468-8113 (weekdays 11:00-18:00) (Japanese only)(telephone reservation only)
Ticket Pia
http://t.pia.jp/(Japanese only)
0570-02-9999 (use the P code in the F/T Calendar when you make your reservation)
※Does not apply for ”Sunshine 63” and “Theater/University”
http://eplus.jp/(Japanese only)
※”Sunshine 63” and “Theater/University” are off subject
  • You may not be able to sit at your designated seat if you come late for a performance with reserved seats
  • Children under school age are not accepted into the theatres
  • Tickets sold on the day of the performance can be purchased one hour prior to the performance. The theatre opens 30 min prior to the start of the performance
  • Modifications and refunds can not be done after the ticket is purchased
  • Prices are including tax

We offer tailor-made ticket options. Find one that suits you.

F/T coupon tickets

3 performances ¥10,000(¥3,300/each)、5 performances ¥15,000(¥3,000/each) The F/T coupon tickets sales has closed.

F/T pass

14 performances ¥30,000(¥1,875/each) The F/T coupon tickets sales has closed.

    F/T pass ¥30,000 (applicable to 14 performances except “Sunshine 63”) (¥1875/each)
  • Package tickets are on sale until Feb 13 (Fri) 18:00 (limited number)
  • Package tickets can be purchased regardless of whether you have decided on which performances you want to see or not
  • You can reserve you tickets for the individual performances after the purchase of the package ticket
  • Holders of package tickets can enter the theatres unless the performance is fully booked in advance
  • Package tickets holders are requested only to make reservation to performances they are certain to see
  • The package tickets are personal and can not be used by other
F/T pair tickets

Purchase your tickets together, and we offer a 10% reduction.(Theater/University is off subject)

student discount tickets

All performances ¥3,000 (upon presentation of a valid student ID)
High school students and below¥1,000

  • ※Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space: S seats
  • ※Can be purchased on the day of the performance
Port B set tickets

¥6,400(¥3,200/each) The Port B set tickets sales has closed

  • ※only at Place
  • ※on sale until Feb 13 (Fri) 18:00 (limited number)