Special features

Festival/Tokyo is participating in the TPAM (Tokyo Performing Arts Market)!

The TPAM is a market of performing arts such as theater, dance and music offering a range of programs such as booth presentations, visual presentations, showcases and conferences.

Venue: Exhibition Gallery, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (5F)
Time: March 2nd (Thu) 13:00-16:00
March 3rd (Wed) 13:00-17:00
March 4th (Thur) 12:30-15:30
Booth no. 38


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"La Divina Commedia" is broadcasted on NHK's "Geijutsu gekijyo" on March 12 (Fri)!

The Avignon version of "Inferno"/"Purgatorio"/"Paradiso" directed by the Societas Raffaello Sanzio leader Romeo Castellucci is televised on March 12 (Fri). The trilogy, in which Castellucci found inspiration in Dante's "La Divina Commedia" created a stir upon its Tokyo premiere at the F/T 09 Autumn too!

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Letter from a Spectator

'For me the future of the theatre is that of the spectator' (Romeo Castellucci)

In assigning the future of the theatre to the spectator, Romeo Castellucci, director of a theatre company, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, founded nearly thirty years ago, assigns it to you. In one sense, this is a familiar gesture. The work of art does not belong to the artist. Its meaning does not lie in the artist's mind or body, nor is it about the artist. Once sent on its way into the world its continued life depends upon what each and every spectator might make of it. But I wonder if this gesture might mean something more than that. If the future of the theatre is the future of the spectator, can we also say that the future of the spectator is the future of the theatre? That would be to place a heavy responsibility on you, wouldn't it, spectator? How do you feel? Is it a little lonely to be on your own, responsible for the future of the theatre?

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Director's talk: Soma Chiaki × Stefanie Carp

Based on the program of the ongoing Festival/Tokyo, the F/T Program director talks about the possibilities of the theatre and performing arts festivals in general. The first guest is the performing arts director of Wiener Festwochen, Ms Stefanie Carp. In addition to being the dramaturg of Christoph Martaler, Stefanie Carp has also invited Port B's Akira Takayama to Wien to create an original "Compartment City - Wien".
In German with consecutive interpretation in Japanese.

>>Director's talk
1) Nov 19 (Thu) 21:30 - 23:00
Guest: Ms Stefanie Carp (Performing arts director, Wiener Festwochen)
2) Dec 3 (Thu) 15:30 - 17:00
Guest: Tetsuya Ozaki (Editor-in-chief, REALTOKYO/ARTiT)
*Venue: F/T Station / no reservation needed /free entrance

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F/T Project: Screening of "A Special Day" DVD

Ettore Scolas masterpiece describing Hitler's visit to Rome in 1938 has been a source of inspiration to Rabih Mroue and Lina Saneh in their creation of "Photo-Romance".

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F/T University

F/T University is a unique chance to listen to world-class artists talking about the ideas and working processes behind their works, and how they deal with the social issues. Methods and experiments applied in the process of creation, as well as main works and projects will be presented.

Organized by: Waseda University, Festival Tokyo

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Ishinha: Epic theatre for our times

No one who has ever seen one of Ishinha's stunning semi-mime productions can ever forget the clown-like performers moving in unison over the vast sets, chanting in Osaka dialect. Ishinha are the possibly most visionary theatre company in Japan and without doubt among the most ambitious.

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F/T BEHIND THE SCENES: Sample Open Studio

A fishing rod. A bicycle. A disused school classroom. If you're thinking the F/T program is just performances, think again.

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F/T Projects

At Festival/Tokyo we offer several opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the creative processes, and to know the performances and the artists even better. Visits to the rehearsal studios, screenings of former works, talk events and live concerts; these are projects that not only help you understand the respective works, but also broaden your understanding for performing arts all together! With these approaches we wish to stimulate the cultural environment by connecting artists to audience, audience to audience, and theater to society in general.

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Worried about the language barrier? Can't decide on what to see?

I know what it's like. You love theatre and you want to see something. But you don't speak Japanese and you don't want to sit through a two-hour piece where you can't understand what's going on.

In this blog report we'll give you the lowdown on which productions are best to see if you don't speak Japanese.

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