Special features

"La Divina Commedia" is broadcasted on NHK's "Geijutsu gekijyo" on March 12 (Fri)!

The Avignon version of "Inferno"/"Purgatorio"/"Paradiso" directed by the Societas Raffaello Sanzio leader Romeo Castellucci is televised on March 12 (Fri). The trilogy, in which Castellucci found inspiration in Dante's "La Divina Commedia" created a stir upon its Tokyo premiere at the F/T 09 Autumn too!

Time: March 12 (Fri), 22:30 - 25:00
Information corner: "Romeo Castellucci's world and contemporary theatre in Italy" (Japanese)
Screening: Societas Raffaello Sanzio: "Inferno"/"Purgatorio"/"Paradiso" (In English with Japanese subtitles)
Interview: Listen to Castellucci talking about the trilogy in hiw own words (In Italian with Japanese subtitles)

Inferno 0918.JPG
(C) Luca del Pia

The interview was recorded during Castellucci's visit to Japan at the F/T 09 Autumn. Here the pioneer of the Italian contemporary theatre scene talks to the Associate Professor of Waseda University, Shintaro Fujii, about where he finds inpiration for his works, and what his methods of creation are like. The mise-en-scene of the Avignon version of the trilogy differentiates in many ways from the Tokyo performances. The "Inferno" was shown outdoors in the honor court at the Palais des Papes for one.
A must-see regardless of whether you have seen the Tokyo version or not!

For more details, see NHK's website (Japanese only)