Special features

Director's talk: Soma Chiaki × Stefanie Carp

Based on the program of the ongoing Festival/Tokyo, the F/T Program director talks about the possibilities of the theatre and performing arts festivals in general. The first guest is the performing arts director of Wiener Festwochen, Ms Stefanie Carp. In addition to being the dramaturg of Christoph Martaler, Stefanie Carp has also invited Port B's Akira Takayama to Wien to create an original "Compartment City - Wien".
In German with consecutive interpretation in Japanese.

>>Director's talk
1) Nov 19 (Thu) 21:30 - 23:00
Guest: Ms Stefanie Carp (Performing arts director, Wiener Festwochen)
2) Dec 3 (Thu) 15:30 - 17:00
Guest: Tetsuya Ozaki (Editor-in-chief, REALTOKYO/ARTiT)
*Venue: F/T Station / no reservation needed /free entrance