“Rojishiki” Ishinha

Known for their site-specific outdoor performances, Ishinha has chosen former junior high school Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory as the stage for their first Tokyo show in six years. After stopping by the food stalls in the schoolyard, the audience is invited into the theater, where they are met by the world of Yukichi Matsumoto.

■F/T Open Studio "Rojishiki":>>more information

■F/T Live "Rojishiki no roji":>>more information


Dates: Oct 23 (Fri) – Nov 3 (Tue, public holiday)
Duration: 100 min.
post-performance talk
10/26(mon) Yukichi Matsumoto × Kuro Tanino(Niwa Gekidan Penino leader,Playwright,Director)


Tickets are on sale from Saturday September 5, 2009
Reserved seating ¥4,500 / Students ¥3,000, high school students and below ¥1,000 (upon presentation of a valid student ID card)

Book your tickets via internet: http://festival-tokyo.jp/en/

※ F/T coupon tickets (3/5/10 performances) and F/T pair tickets available