“Flowers flow, time congeals”BATIK

Brutally pushing the limits of the dancers bodies, Ikuyo Kuroda’s representative work is the corporeal expression of ‘time coming to a halt’. This is the bold reconstruction of the 2004 Asahi Performing Arts Award-winning work that left a strong impression on the audience at the time of its premiere.

■F/T Live
 "Norimizu Ameya × Ikuyo Kuroda × Fuyuki Yamakawa":
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Dates: Nov 15 (Sun) – 20 (Fri)
Duration: 90min
post performance talk
Ikuyo Kuroda × Akira Kasai (Butoh Dancer)


Tickets are on sale from Saturday September 5, 2009
All free seating ¥4,000 / Students ¥3,000, high school students and below ¥1,000 (upon presentation of a valid student ID card)

Book your tickets via internet: http://festival-tokyo.jp/en/

※ F/T coupon tickets (3/5/10 performances) and F/T pair tickets available

Flowers flow, time congeals