Festival/Tokyo 10


Direction: Christoph Marthaler, Stage Design: Anna Viebrock

Nov 19 (Fri) - 21 (Sun) 2010 (TBC), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Theatre

Christoph Marthaler is one of the most outstanding figures in postdramatic theatre. In his unique settings, time seems extremely stretched, inscrutable gestures are repeated again and again, voices suddenly arise to sophisticated a-capella choral arrangements and spoken phrases are varied subtly many times. This comical, melancholic and miraculous music theatre portrays the nostalgia of a society in decline and incorporates a strong presentiment of the future, that turbo-capitalism will bring. The stage design by Anna Viebrock, who has been raising attention recently as a director at the National Opera of Paris as well, is also a must-see.

Production: Wiener Festwochen
Co-production: Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Hellenic Festival, Athens, Festival d’Avignon,
Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny DIALOG-WROCLAW, Theater Chur, Festival/Tokyo