Announcing Archiving F/T

Festival/Tokyo (F/T) was held over thirteen editions from 2009 to 2020. Its programs with a focus on theatre and dance encompassed 204 productions, whose performances and screenings, along with related events, cumulatively attracted a total audience of 770,000 people. Through this process, many people and works across national borders intersected, forming an immense and variegated node of activities and exchange.

Performances and events cannot be saved as “things.” After they are finished, what takes place there between them and the participants or audiences is gone. But each time, albeit incrementally, they change the world. Those changes connect or branch off, conveying their seeds here and there, and then sprouting up from the soil.

What did F/T cultivate? The festival will now be archived online, saving the information about its thirteen editions in the hope that documenting that past may provide seeds and nourishment for future change. Alongside creating a database for people to search for information and articles, we will offer a selection of past works to stream online for a limited time and hold a symposium.


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Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee Secretariat

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