Asia Series Vol.4: China
F/T Talks: Photography, Youth Culture, Music, Fashion
Tickets¥500 (priority to reservations)
LanguageChinese with Japanese interpretation
Running Time120 min. (TBC)
Box office and doors open 30 minutes before.

Leading figures from China’s millennial generation discuss fashion, photography, music, and youth culture

This series of talks examines various aspects of the Chinese millennial generation, featuring a range of leading professionals from the worlds of fashion, music, photography, and youth culture.


Chinese Photography Now: Millennial Photographers and Self-Publishing


You Yan

Publisher and photo-book planner Yan You established Jiazazhi in 2009. He has planned and published some 20 photo-books with a focus on showcasing Chinese photography. His publications have attracted considerable overseas attention and nominations, including at Rencontres d’Arle. In 2017, he opened a nonprofit photography library in his hometown of Ningbo.

Date10/28 (Sat) 18:00

Youth Culture

Individualization: The Evolution of Chinese Youth Culture

Zafka Zhang

In 2008, Zafka Zhang co-founded China Youthology to research youth culture. His work involves marketing research for overseas brands on youth in China. In addition to his research, Zhang is a sound artist and also organizes various events to develop the potential of young people in China today.

Date10/29 (Sun) 13:30


Global Possibilities for Millennial Musicians in China

Lihui Shen

Lihui Shen is the founder of the music label Modern Sky. Established in Beijing in 1997, Modern Sky is one of the most important labels in China today and represents some 40 musicians and acts. It has held music festivals around China since 2007 and also in New York since 2014, as it continues to develop its presence overseas.

Date11/4 (Sat) 13:30


The Chinese Fashion World and Millennial Designers

Tasha Liu

Born in 1985, Tasha Liu is the co-founder of the concept store DONGLIANG as well as the director of the Shanghai fashion festival LABELHOOD. In both 2015 and 2016, she was selected as one of the top 500 people shaping the global fashion industry by the Business of Fashion website. She is regarded as a millennial leader of the Chinese fashion world.

VenueOwlspot Theater (Foyer)
Date11/11 (Sat) 14:00


Planning and Moderator:Hitomi Oyama
Presented byFestival/Tokyo

Asia Series Vol.4: China

Chinese Millennials

Every year at Festival/Tokyo, the Asia Series showcases an Asian nation’s performing arts and visual art. The fourth edition of the series focuses on China, especially the nation’s millennial generation born between the 1980s and 2000s.

This generation grew up after the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976 and the start of the economic reforms in 1978. Today comprising 30% of the population of China, the millennials are a leading force in consumer trends. The generation has been online ever since it can remember as well as absorbing aspects of pop culture from America, Europe and Japan. It is no longer usual for young people in the big cities to have received education overseas and this kind of experience stimulates many artists to develop a critical stance toward contemporary society in their work, which is nonetheless rooted in their own nation’s history and culture.

Asia Series

Each year the Asia Series chooses one country in the Asian region and showcases examples of its performing arts, music, visual art, and more. Launched in 2014, the inaugural series presented South Korean performing arts, followed by Myanmar at F/T15 and Malaysia at F/T16. The fourth iteration of the series focuses on China. The showcase is curated based on research into the local arts scene, social conditions, history and culture. In this way, it conveys what is shared and differs within contemporary Asia, forming a foundation for sustainable exchange premised on the diversity of language and culture.