Use and Handling of Personal Information
The Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee (hereinafter, the Committee) endeavours to protect the privacy and handle the personal information of customers with utmost discretion.

1. Observance of Laws and Regulations

The Committee will comply with laws protecting personal information.

2. System

In relation to the system by which it handles personal information, the Committee maintains a system that complies with laws protecting personal information, along with the Committee itself.

3. Collection of Personal Information

Except when otherwise permitted by law, when collecting personal information from customers, the Committee shall do so by, to the best of its ability, publicizing or notifying the customer of the purpose of the use of such information.

4. Use of Personal Information

When making use of customers’ personal information, except for cases otherwise permitted by law or with the customer’s consent, the Committee will use the information only within the limits of its stated purpose (such as for contacting the customer or responding to contact from the customer, or for internal use in order to improve the Committee’s services), and will not use it for other purposes.

5. Security Control Measures

The Committee will strictly manage the personal information of its customers and will carry out security and preventative measures against improper access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage.

6. Staff Education

The Committee will carry out educational training for its staff in regards to the handling of personal information, and will make every effort with the content of this training.

7. Supervision of Delegated Parties

The Committee may supervise, within the proper usage of customer personal information (for example, through postal processing), entrusting duties to third parties that include the handling of personal data, and obligating the strict management of that information to the delegated parties.

8. Limitations of Provision to Third Parties

The Committee, with the exception of cases according to law, will never disclose or provide personal information of customers to third parties without their consent.

9. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

The Committee will respond promptly within the limits of what is necessary and rational to any wishes from customers as to the confirmation or correction of the personal information they have entrusted to the Committee.