marebito theater company “Performing Fukushima”
Written and Directed by marebito theater company
October 7th — October 15th
VenueTheater Green BASE THEATER
Dates10/7 (Sat) 16:00 / 19:30
10/8 (Sun) 14:00 / 17:30**
10/9 (Mon) 14:00 / 17:30*
10/12 (Thu) 19:30
10/13 (Fri) 19:30*
10/14 (Sat) 16:00 / 19:30*
10/15 (Sun) 14:00 / 17:30

No performance: 10/10 (Tue), 10/11 (Wed)

*Post-show talk
**English surtitles

All-day tickets valid for both performances on 10/7 (Sat), 10/8 (Sun), 10/9 (Mon), 10/14 (Sat) and 10/15 (Sun) are available from the F/T Ticket Center.

Box office opens 1 hour before. Doors open 15 minutes before.
Running Time60-80 min. (varies per performance)
LanguagePerformed in Japanese (English surtitles on 10/8 17:30 performance)
TicketsUnreserved seating
Advance: ¥3,000 / Same Day: ¥3,500 / Students: ¥2,000 / Other tickets available
Early Bird Discount¥2,100
Festival Pass (5 Performances)¥2,400
Festival Pass (3 Performances)¥2,600
Student ID required
High School Students and Under
Student ID or proof of age required
©Keiko Sasaoka

Glimpses of Fukushima today from past incidents in the everyday

Following its appearance at F/T16, this series continues to explore the possibility of presenting incidents in Fukushima today as theatre. Staged in a highly minimal space with only the bodies of the actors, each performance features different episodes inspired by actual incidents observed in Fukushima.

Starting with “Performing Nagasaki” (2013‚Äì16), the project attempts to collect and stage examples of drama hidden in everyday life that are not recorded by history. For its second time at Festival/Tokyo, the research area has been expanded from Fukushima City to the entire prefecture. Varying in terms of place, time, character and style, the sequence of scripts combines to form a multifaceted image of Fukushima.

Each of the episodes in the 12 performances seems merely like an elusive fragment of time. But this chain of fleeting landscapes quietly yet faithfully reflects the here and now of Fukushima.

Each performance is a different staging of plays written by Mitsuru Aida, Keisuke Kamiya, Natsuka Kusano, Takashi Shima, Tomoyuki Takahashi, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, and Saki Yamada.

This performance is part of a long-running project that started in Nagasaki.
marebito theater company website
The online archive (Japanese only) features play scripts, photographs and more.

Artist Profiles

marebito theater company

Led by Masataka Matsuda, this experimental theatre group was established in 2003. Its first production was “Island Vibration Organ,” written and directed by Matsuda, in May 2004. It‚Äôs 2007 production “cryptograph” toured Cairo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Delhi. It started a series about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2009 and 2010, which resulted in “Voiceprints City ‚Äì Letters to Father” (2009), “Park City” (2009), and “Hiroshima-Hapcheon: Doubled Cities in Exhibition” (2010). In 2012, it started to focus on the relationship between the media and society in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima disaster the previous March, which led to “Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance” (2012). From 2013 it has worked on long-term project about particular cities with a team of writers who create scripts that are then repeatedly performed. The three-year project culminated in “Performing Nagasaki” in 2016, since when the group has turned to Fukushima for the next stage of the project. Beginning with its Hiroshima-Nagasaki series, it has emphasized a collective creation process as well as unconventional way of presenting its work, including performances in the form of exhibitions, outdoor stagings, and online social media tools.

Masataka Matsuda

Born in Nagasaki in 1962, Masataka Matsuda established the experimental theatre group marebito theater company in 2003. His major work includes “cryptograph” (2007), “Voiceprints City ‚Äì Letters to Father” (2009), “Park City” (2009, created with the photographer Keiko Sasaoka), “Hiroshima-Hapcheon: Doubled Cities in Exhibition” (2010), “Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance” (2012), and “Performing Nagasaki” (2013‚Äì16). He currently teaches at Rikkyo University ºs College of Contemporary Psychology Body Expression and Cinematic Arts course.


    “Performing Fukushima” at F/T17 (photos: Masanobu Nishino)

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    Previous Productions

  • Performing Fukushima1“Park City” (2009)
  • Performing Fukushima2“Hiroshima-Hapcheon: Doubled Cities in Exhibition” (2010)
  • Performing Fukushima3“marebito live” (2010)
  • Performing Fukushima4“Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance”
  • Performing Fukushima5“Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance”
  • Performing Fukushima6“Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance”
  • Performing Fukushima7“Performing Nagasaki”
  • Performing Fukushima8“Performing Nagasaki”
  • Performing Fukushima9“Performing Nagasaki”
  • Performing Fukushima10“Performing Nagasaki”

Cast & Creative

Written byMitsuru Aida, Keisuke Kamiya, Natsuka Kusano, Takashi Shima, Tomoyuki Takahashi, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, Saki Yamada
Directed by Nanase Terauchi, Hirotaka Fukui, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, Saki Yamada
Performers:Mitsuru Aida, Satoshi Ikuzane, Ai Ishiwata, Mikito Kato, Azusa Kamimura, Chiaki Kirisawa, Komiki Sato, Takashi Shima, Yume Tanaka, Maki Nishiyama, Yutaka Nozawa, Shintaro Hamano, Hajime Matsuo, Tamami Matsumura, Keita Yamashina, Mana Yumii, Shingo Yoshizawa
Technical Manager:Eiji Torakawa
Stage Manager:Kyoko Kishi
Lighting:Yukie Shibata
Lighting Planning:Ayumi Kito
Lighting Operator:Yoshimi Katada
Publicity Design:Yujiro Sagami
Publicity Photography:Keiko Sasaoka
Translation:Madoka Ueno
Photographic Documentation:Masanobu Nishino
Video Documentation:Mikihiro Endo
Production Coordinators:Minami Nakamura, Shuichi Ishimoto (marebito theater company), Ayano Misao (Festival/Tokyo)
Program Coordinator:Masahiko Yokobori (Festival/Tokyo)
Assistant Production Coordinators:Mariko Mori, Yuichiro Yoshida
Interns:Yu Ishikawa, Satomi Usui, Natsumi Kuriyama
Front of House:Mai Takizawa
In cooperation withKinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City), Integrated Dance Company Kyo, Okamura Honpo, Seinendan, TENNIS COURT, Toki Entertainment, letre
Planned bymarebito theater company
Presented byFestival/Tokyo, marebito