F/T in the City Performance Series
This highly diverse art and performance series unfolds in various places around Tokyo and its surrounding area. Bringing audiences into contact with local history, culture and communities, the site-specific events shape a new relationship between spectators and participants.
FAIFAI “Gorilla: What is Human?”
Directed by Yoko Kitagawa
November 12th
VenueIkebukuro Nishiguchi Park
Date11/12 (Sun) 13:00
Running Time40 min. (TBC)
Performance takes place outdoors.
Continues in case of rain but the venue may be subject to change in case of stormy weather.
No audience seating. Standing only.
Photo: Kazuya Kato

In the urban jungle, a dancing gorilla questions the nature of humanity.

The theatre group FAIFAI has continued to develop a unique style of cutting-edge performances, filled with humor and socially aware messages. Following its memorable appearance at F/T09 Autumn, FAIFAI’s gorilla character makes a welcome return to the festival. This time, the gorilla will dance in a park in Ikebukuro. As the live music grows more impassioned and aggressive, the behavior of the gorilla performer will gradually reveal enlightening truths about the human body.


F/T09 Autumn


Artist Profile


Formed in 2008, FAIFAI is a creative unit employing a range of novel pop styles to tackle the complexities of reality and the media today. With “My name is I LOVE YOU” (2010), FAIFAI became the first Asian winner of the top award at Z√ºrcher Theater Spektakel. Its recent “CATFISH” (2017), which was performed in a hotel suite, also attracted attention.

Cast & Creative

Directed byYoko Kitagawa
Performer:Koji Yamazaki
Music:Yoshio Kuge
Sound:Naoyuki Uchida
Stage Manager:Megumi Sato
Photography, Video Documentation:Kazuya Kato
Flyer Design:Tadashi Ueda
Production Coordinators:FAIFAI, Toshifumi Matsumiya, Mayuko Arakawa (Festival/Tokyo)
Interns:Minako Iwai, Asuka Noguchi, Aoi Hashimoto, Saki Yokomi
Presented byFestival/Tokyo