F/T Campus

This workshop event brings together students interested in cultural policy, theatre and the arts. In addition to seminars led by top professionals, including the choreographer Momoko Shiraga, participants attend performances in the festival and talks with artists from the lineup. The four-day program aims to refine students’ understanding and interests, and cultivate the next generation of talent in the arts.
Dates10/6 –10/9
Capacityapprox. 30
Free¥15,000 (including tickets, accommodation, mixer event)
Scholarships: ¥5,000
Photo: Kazuya Kato

  • Watch Performances at F/T17
    Participants watch four performances (Yukio Shiba, marebito theater company, F/T in the City series, etc.) as part of the program (ticket prices included in participation fee).
  • Special Talks with Artists
    F/T Campus participants will receive unique opportunities to hear from and talk with directors about their work at the festival.
  • Seminars
    Specialist seminars are led by Momoko Shiraga and Maki Nagamine (praxis), Ken Hagiwara (theory, criticism), and Taro Inamura (cultural policy).
  • Study Alongside Students From All Over Japan
    Students from different courses and universities in Japan can share ideas and experiences while staying together in Tokyo.


Applicants must have Japanese speaking, reading and writing abilities. For further information and online applications, please check the Japanese website.



Momoko Shiraga

Choreographer, Director, Dancer
Momoko Shiraga leads Momonga Complex, a dance performance group for which she conceives, directs and choreographs all its work. She is known for bringing out the unique features of a space by incorporating the meaningless or useless. At F/T14, she collaborated with the visual artist Yuko Mohri and composer Yasuno Miyauchi for “The Rite of Spring.” She also runs a wide range of workshops for children, grown-ups and company employees. She is an associate artist at KIRARI FUJIMI and support artist at Steep Slope Studio, a 2017 senior fellow of The Saison Foundation, and an adjunct lecturer at Shikoku Gakuin University.

Taro Inamura

Center for Arts and Culture, NLI Research Institute
Born in 1976. After graduating from college, Taro Inamura worked in contemporary art exhibition planning in the private sector. Currently he is a researcher at the Center for Arts and Culture at NLI Research Institute as well as a program officer for The Saison Foundation. He researches project evaluation and artist mobility in cultural policy.

Maki Nagamine

Stage Designer, Visual Artist
Born in Tokyo and raised in Fukuoka, Maki Nagamine completed her postgraduate studies in spatial design at Musashino Art University. After time in the directing department of Shiki Theatre Company she established herself as a designer and artist working with space. She leads the unit TEATRICALIDEA and also lectures part-time at Musashino Art University. Her credits include productions by Kensuke Yokouchi, Peter Gössner, Akihiro Hashimoto, and Momoko Shiraga. A three-time nominee for the Japan Display Design Award, She is the recipient of the 43rd Kisaku Ito Best Newcomer Award from the Japan Association of Theatre Designers and Technicians.

Ken Hagiwara

Professor, Meiji University School of Global Japanese Studies
Born in 1972 in Tokyo, Ken Hagiwara specializes in performing arts from the 20th century onwards, and on its history and interchange between different cultures (especially between Japan and Germany). He co-translated Erika Fischer‚ÄêLichte’s “√Ñsthetik des Performativen.” A prolific translator from German to Japanese, his previous contributions to Festival/Tokyo include translation, interpretation and surtitles for the work of Rimini Protokoll. He also appeared in “Karl Marx: Capital, Volume One” at F/T09 Spring.




Photography, Video Documentation:Kazuya Kato (FAIFAI)
Production Cordinator:Takako Yokoi, Shiori Sunagawa
Program Coordinato:Masahiko Yokobori
Interns:Rikka Katase, Shiori Kitamura, Mana Turuta, Eimi Murakami
Presented byFestival/Tokyo