F/T Affiliated Program

“On the corner”
Choreographed and Directed by Jun Takahashi
Dates 11/1 (Wed) – 11/4 (Sat)
Venue BUoY Arts Center Tokyo
Tickets ¥3,000
On sale: 9/1 (Fri)
Inquiries An Creative Inc.
03-6721-7970 (weekdays: 11:00-18:00)
©Eriko Khalesi

Welcome to the world beneath the ruins of Tokyo

At a certain intersection, a god choreographs by order, chaos, drama and chance. When the traffic light changes, the mass of people cross over from the other side, gently envelop you, and then pass by behind. It’s as if nothing had happened. This dance taestry by JunJun SCIENCE is a portrayal of the landscape by intricate movements.

Presented by JunJun SCIENCE