• 11.30.2014

    Festival/Tokyo 2014 is now over. Thank you to all our audiences and visitors.


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Festival/Tokyo in Seoul: F/T presents two productions at Festival Bo:m 2015


Hit performances from Festival/Tokyo 2014 will feature in Korea’s top indisciplinary arts festival

This spring Festival/Tokyo is presenting two of its productions from last year at Korea’s most exciting experimental arts festival, Festival Bo:m. This interdisciplinary arts festival started in 2007 and is held at multiple locations around Korea. In 2014, it took place in three cities: Seoul, Yokohama and Busan.

Festival/Tokyo 2014 saw the launch of the Asia Series, a new mini program within the main festival line-up that focuses on introducing audiences to currents in the performing arts scene in other parts of the Asian region. F/T14′s first Asia Series showcased three examples of Korean dawon crossover performing arts. The program was curated by Seunghyo Lee, the Artistic Director of Festival Bo:m. Continuing the exchange between the Korean and Japanese performing arts scenes, two of the F/T14 productions will be staged as part of the Festival Bo:m 2015 line-up in April.


Festival Bo:m http://festivalbom.org


Moshi-ita – What if the manager of a high school baseball team called in an Aomori itako shaman?

Moshiita festival bo:m

Text, Direction: Seigo Hatasawa [Japan]

Cast: Aomori Chuo High School Drama Club


A high school play about Aomori, Tohoku

This play features a main character who transfers to a school in Aomori, north Japan, after losing her baseball team mates and family in the 2011 Tohoku disaster. The story portrays the adjustments the student makes to her new environment, while the itako of the title refers to Aomori’s famous female shamans. The play was first performed in autumn 2011 by Aomori Chuo High School Drama Club, mere months after the tsunami. It has since been performed in 31 towns and cities around Japan, including school gymnasiums and evacuation shelters, and won top prize at the 2012 National High School Theatre Contest. Now it makes its highly anticipated overseas debut. The production strips theatre down to its basics: voice, language, and the physical body. There are no props, set, or stage effects. The cast of over 20 high school students creates all the drama with their raw talent.


Performance: 4/18 (Sat) 18:40 (Duration: 60 min.)

Venue: Seoul Art Space – MULLAE (Box Theatre)

Post-Peformance Talk: Sachio Ichimura (Director, Festival/Tokyo), Seigo Hatasawa

Tickets: Free (no reservation required)

Performed in Japanese with Korean surtitles


Mr. Creature

Mr. Creature festival bo:m

Hirokazu Morikawa (Choreography, Cast) + Itaru Sugiyama (Stage Design, Costumes) [Japan]


A playful partnership of dance and stage design

This is a unique collaboration between dancer and choreographer Hirokazu Morikawa and award-winning stage designer Itaru Sugiyama. Morikawa set out to interact playfully with the design rather than just treating it as the background for the dance, while the experiment also sees Sugiyama try his hand at costume design for the first time. As its title suggests, the performance juxtaposes and intermixes contrasting elements to create a chimera-like world. It also features Morikawa’s trademark humor and use of props. Unusually for a solo show, at F/T14 the dance piece had a long run of nine performances, each one building and developing the work further. The new performances in Korea will further evolve Morikawa and Sugiyama’s world.


Performances: 4/18 (Sat) 17:00, 4/19 (Sun) 17:00 (Duration: 80 min.)

Venue: Seoul Art Space – MULLAE (Box Theatre)

Tickets: 30,000 KRW

Please reserve tickets directly from Festival Bo:m using the email address below. You can also reserve tickets for other Festival Bo:m performances via the same email address.

Email: ticket@festivalbom.org (English or Korean)


Introducing Festival/Tokyo: Talk & Mixer

An informal talk about F/T, followed by a party.

Panelist: Sachio Ichimura (Director, Festival/Tokyo)

Date: 4/19 (Sun) 13:00-16:30

Free (no reservation required)

Venue: Seoul Art Space – MULLAE (Studio M30)


japan foundation 日刊国交正常化50周年

Festival/Tokyo in Seoul

Presented by Festival/Tokyo, Festival Bo:m

Co-produced by the Japan Foundation