Festival Update

Body Speed, Body Place

This symposium is held as a forum for gathering, exchanging, and sharing perspectives and remarks that can help us think about the future of festivals and Tokyo. In today’s world in which people and objects are constantly in flux and information and conditions are always updating at a rapid pace, what kind of place is it possible for our bodies to have? The symposium brings together people involved daily with arranging environments and places suitable for individuals within their interactions with others in public space.



10/22 (Tue) 14:00

Venue Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Symphony Space)
Tickets ¥500 (priority to reservations)
Language Japanese

Reiji Suzuki (Director, Kapukapu Community Workshop / theatre writer)

Kazuna Tsuboi (Program Manager & AI Rinna Developer, AI & Research, Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.)

Masako Yamazaki (landscape designer)



Reiji Suzuki

Director, Kapukapu Community Workshop / Theatre Writer

Born in March 1973 in Takasaki, Gunma, Reiji Suzuki has served in his current position since 1997. His theatre writing includes Saitama Arts Theatre Tsushin, Geki Pia, and performance pamphlets for the company hi-bye. He has contributed to a range of other publications about the social role of art in relation to disabilities.

Kazuna Tsuboi

Program Manager & AI Rinna Developer, AI & Research, Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.

After graduating from Kio University, Kazuna Tsuboi completed a master’s degree in science and engineering at the same institution. She then joined Microsoft Development Co., Ltd. in 2014. She has served as the program manager overseeing the development of the Rinna project from its launch, developing the character and conversation engine as well as Rinna’s skills and synthesized speech. She also supervises external collaboration planning.

Masako Yamazaki

Gardener, Landscape Designer, Architect / Associate Professor, Nihon University Junior College / Director, GA Yamazaki

Masako Yamazaki’s wide-ranging horticultural practice encompasses everything from proposing fun approaches for gardening to producing gardening stores, landscape design, and urban planning. She also serves on various committees related to scenic beauty for such local governments as Minato ward and Chiba City. Her main credits include the Keio Floral Garden Ange and Waterras, and she is the author of several books.