Outdoor Performance Series
A new experiment by F/T starting in 2016 in east Ikebukuro: Four outdoor performances of theatre, dance and music

“Song Tree”
Hirokazu Morikawa (choreographer, performer) + Wataru Murakami (choreographer, performer) + Shonen Yoshida (music)
November 10th — November 13th
VenueToshima City Office (10F Toshima Forest)
Dates11/10 (Thu) 11:00/15:00
11/11 (Fri) 11:00/15:00
11/12 (Sat) 11:00/15:00
11/13 (Sun) 11:00/15:00

Box office opens 1 hour before. Doors open 30 minutes before.

Performed outside. Continues in case of rain. Cancelled in case of storm.
Running Time50 min. (TBC)
LanguagePerformed in Japanese
TicketsAdvance: ¥1,500 / Same Day: ¥2,000
Unreserved seating
Early Bird Discount¥1,100
Festival Pass (5 Performances)¥1,200
Festival Pass (3 Performances)¥1,300
Student ID required
High School & Under Tickets
Student ID or proof of age required

Transforming the hue of the city through dance, music, and a garden

The dancer Hirokazu Morikawa is known for his playful, inquisitive and precise style, as demonstrated to the full in “Mr. Creature” at F/T14. This performance sees Morikawa partner with Kansai-based dancer Wataru Murakami and musician Shonen Yoshida to utilize multiples parts of the rooftop garden of Toshima City Office. The two dancersʼ bodies become one with the sculptures and foliage in the garden as well as Yoshidaʼs music performed live, creating a whole new kind of cityscape.

Announcements on Performances
“Song Tree” is performed outside at Toshima Forest, on the tenth floor of Toshima City Office.

Information about decisions regarding performances will be announced on the F/T website in advance, regardless of weather conditions, at 19:00 on the day before the performance. However, this decision is subject to change. A final decision is made at 9:00 on the morning of the performance and announced on the F/T website

Audiences are requested to attend performances in clothing suitable for weather conditions. Umbrellas cannot be used during performances.




Hirokazu Morikawa


Hirokazu Morikawa studied mime and circus in France from the age of 22. On his return to Japan he worked for five years for the Kyoto-based Monochrome Circus. Freelance since 2007, his dry and animalistic style that utilizes his outstanding balance has won him much acclaim. Aside from his own work, he also collaborates with a range of other units. He created “Mr. Creature” with stage designer Itaru Sugiyama for F/T14.

Wataru Murakami

Performer, Choreographer

Born in 1987 in Osaka, Wataru Murakami studied street dance, and later became involved in contemporary dance, butoh, meditation, Zen and more, as well as the Osaka club, street performance and theatre scene. He has recently performed improv with dancers and musicians around the world. His liberated yet delicate style emphasizes just being in a place and listening quietly to the voice of the body.


Shonen Yoshida


Based in Kyoto, Shonen Yoshida was a member of Quruli from 2011-2013, handling guitar and cello duties on “Voltage of Melting Pot”. He has organized a monthly live performance event in Kyoto since 2014, performing with a wide range of other musicians. He wrote the music for the stage adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s “Under Execution, Under Jailbreak” in 2015, and has attracted much attention for his cross-genre collaborations.

Cast & Creative

Choreographers, Performers:Hirokazu Morikawa, Wataru Murakami
Music, Performer:Shonen Yoshida
Sound:Kazuyuki Onouchi
Flyer Design:Tadashi Ueda
Photography:Kazuyuki Matsumoto
Video Documentation:Ryohei Tomita
Production Coordinator:Toshifumi Matsumiya (Festival/Tokyo)
Assistant Production Co-ordinator:Hiroshi Iwata
Interns:Mai Shimada, Tamami Matsumura, Keisuke Yoshihara
Front of House:Yumiko Okazaki
Presented byFestival/Tokyo