F/T Affiliated Program

Za-Koenji Autumn Program 20 & Japanese Playwrights Association Series
RINKOGUN Theatre Company “Even an Angel Tells Lies”
Written and Directed by Yoji Sakate
Dates 11/18 (Fri) — 11/27 (Sun)
Venue Za-Koenji 1
Tickets ¥4,200
On sale: 10/9 (Sun)
Inquiries RINKOGUN Theatre Company

“If filming it would change the world, no one would turn it down.” A new play about cinema and democracy!

In a rural town along the coast, a film crew breaks off a shoot there and instead blends into the lives of local residents. The female director then just turns on the camera and lets it record what happens. Is this a documentary or fiction? Or are they secretly waiting for something?

Presented by RINKOGUN Theatre Company, GOOD FELLOWS