Outdoor Performance Series
A new experiment by F/T starting in 2016 in east Ikebukuro: Four outdoor performances of theatre, dance and music

chelfitsch “There is Nothing You Can Do for Her”
Written and Directed by Toshiki Okada
December 2nd — December 5th
VenueRacines FARM to PARK (Minami Ikebukuro Park)
Dates12/2 (Fri) 17:30/20:00
12/3 (Sat) 17:30/20:00
12/4 (Sun) 17:30/20:00
12/5 (Mon) 17:30/20:00

Box office opens 1 hour before. Doors open 15 minutes before.

Performed outside. Continues in case of rain. Cancelled in case of storm.
Running Time30 min. (TBC)
LanguagePerformed in Japanese and English (TBC)
TicketsAdvance: ¥2,000 / Same Day: ¥2,500
Unreserved seating
Early Bird Discount¥1,400
Festival Pass (5 Performances)¥1,600
Festival Pass (3 Performances)¥1,700
Student ID required
High School & Under Tickets
Student ID or proof of age required
Tickets include drink

The story of the creation of the world, told with coffee cups

A woman talks to herself in the corner of a restaurant. The audience observes her from the window, watching and listening to her voice via the monitor and speaker they hold in their hands. She talks about the history of our planet and the creation. Through her gentle monologue and re-enactments with coffee cup and glass, the everyday landscape of a restaurant transforms into the grandeur of history and the universe.




This theatre company was founded in 1997 by Toshiki Okada, who writes and directs all its productions. Its unique use of language and physicality has won much praised, establishing the group as one of the leaders of contemporary theatre in Japan. “Five Days in March” (2005) won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2007 and has been performed in 70 cities around the world. The company has recently received regular commissions from overseas festivals and continues to expand its activities.


Toshiki Okada

Playwright, Director (chelfitsch)

Born in Yokohama in 1973, Toshiki Okada currently lives in Kumamoto. His work has attracted attention for how it overturns the conventions of theatre. “Five Days in March” won the 49th Kishida Kunio Drama Award, while his debut novel, “The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed”, won the 2nd Oe Kenzaburo Award. His other plays and publications include “Current Location” and a collection of theatre theory. In 2015, he wrote and directed his first theatre production for children at Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT). From 2016 he will direct the repertory at a major public theatre in Germany for three seasons.

Director’s Text

This performance is designed to take place inside a regular coffee shop in a city. Inside the coffee shop, life goes on as normal: customers talk, stare at electronic devices, or read books or magazines. And yet, no matter how peaceful the surroundings might now seem or how unlikely it appears that something dangerous will occur, the city is always on the verge of flaring up. Whether we like it or not, we have recently been forced into thinking like this. Unexpectedly, this play became something that encouraged this kind of thinking.

Toshiki Okada

Cast & Creative

Written and Directed by Toshiki Okada
Performer:Miho Inatsugu
Video:Takaki Sudo
Costume: Kyoko Fujitani (FAIFAI)
Translation:Aya Ogawa
Production Coordinators:Akane Nakamura, Tamiko Ouki, Mai Hyodo, Mihoka Kawamura, Megumi Mizuno (precog), Toshifumi Matsumiya (Festival/Tokyo)
Interns:Mai Shimada, Tamami Matsumura, Keisuke Yoshihara
Front of House:Takako Yokoi
Produced bychelfitsch
Produced in association withprecog
Special cooperation fromRacines FARM to PARK
In cooperation withCasaCo, Steep Slope Studio
Premiere:Oita Toilennale 2015
Presented byFestival/Tokyo