Two new F/T Talks events announced about Polish and Austrian theatre

Two new talks have been announced for the F/T16 program. Both are related to the production of “Woodcutters”, which runs October 21st — October 23rd at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

F/T Talks 3

Thomas Bernhard & Vienna Theatre

This talk by Austrian literature scholar Itaru Terao examines the work of Thomas Bernhard, author of the novel on which “Woodcutters” is based, as well as the world of Viennese theatre that Bernhard satirizes.

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F/T Talks 4

Cutting-edge Polish Theatre

Krystian Lupa has taught at State Higher School of Theatre in Kraków since 1983, influencing generations of young Polish directors. At F/T15, three generations of directors in their twenties, thirties and forties gathered in Tokyo for a special talk discussing contemporary Polish theatre. Following on from that talk, the curator and producer Grzegorz Reske introduces the directors’ experimental work.

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