Zombie Opera “Danse Macabre”
Now recruiting performers

The Danse Macabre, or Dance of Death, is an old cultural trope where Death summons everyone, no matter their station in life, to the grave. This classic leitmotif that reminds us all of the universality of death has appeared in a wide range of art and literature in Europe since the Middle Ages. Now it becomes a “zombie opera” at Festival/Tokyo 2015.


F/T is currently recruiting performers to appear in this unique performance.

Applications are open to any actor, musician or dancer regardless of nationality.

Candidates are required to attend rehearsals in October and early November, as well as all performances in mid-November.

Please note that Japanese-language skills are also a requirement and applications are accepted only in Japanese.

Please see the Japanese news blog for further information.

Zombie Opera “Danse Macabre”
Taro Yasuno (concept, music) + Miho Watanabe (dramaturgy) + Noriyuki Kiguchi (stage design)
November 12th – November 15th