F/T Volunteer Supporters: Bon Dance Team, Happi Makers

F/T Volunteer Supporters is a new program for F/T15 aimed at people interested in the arts and theatre, and who want to participate directly in the festival.

Formerly known as F/T Crew, the F/T Volunteer Supporters are a dedicated team who will help make Festival/Tokyo 2015 happen!

©Ryosuke Kikuchi
©Ryosuke Kikuchi

“Festival Fukushima!@Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park” was a big hit at F/T14 and returns to F/T this autumn.

F/T is currently recruiting recruiting participants in the “Festival Fukushima!” Bon dance choreographed by Ryohei Kondo, as well as people to make the special happi coats that participants will wear during the event.

So if you fancy being a dancer or a costume designer, these are great opportunities to get involved in the festival!

Participants are welcome from all nationalities and backgrounds, though please be aware that some Japanese-language ability is required to apply and take part.

Participation is free.

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