Asian Performing Arts Festival 2015: APAF Art Camp Call for Entries

Applications for APAF Art Camp are now open from directors, choreographers, playwrights, producers, and dramaturges in Japan and the Asian region who aspire to be future leaders in the performing arts. APAF Art Camp is part of Asian Performing Arts Festival 2015, which is taking place at the same time as Festival/Tokyo 2015 this autumn.

Program Summary

APAF Art camp is a program designed to discover and cultivate the new talents who will be the future performing arts leaders. Participants will stay in Tokyo for the duration of the international performing arts festivals Asian Performing Arts Festival 2015 and Festival/Tokyo 2015. In this camp, we will focus not on the “results” of a performance, but rather on the process and progress of an artist’s point of view and thinking. Through repeated input (watching performances, rehearsals, lectures) and output (discussions, writing, presentations), as well as mutual stimulation between participants, you will build your focal point as an artist. The facilitator (captain) supports the discussion between participants and gives them objective advice during the APAF Art Camp. The final day will be a presentation for the general public. This camp is designed so that from the following year participants will also take part in domestic and overseas performances and festivals.


Chikara Fujiwara
Theater and dance critic. Born in Japan in 1977. Resides in Yokohama. He is an editor for magazines published by Musashino Art University and Setagaya Public Theatre, as well as the co-author of “Engeki Saikyo-ron: New Currents in Japanese Contemporary Theater” (2013). He is program director of Honmoku Art Project 2015 and leader of BricolaQ, the unit that produces “ENGEKI QUEST”, a series of flaneur-style tour-performances in various locations with various artists. It participated in Honmoku Art Project 2014, Theater ZOU-NO-HANA 2014, TPAM 2015, and KARNABAL 2015 (Manila).

Art Camp: November 8th — November 17th, 2015
Application deadline: August 28, 2015 (Friday) 23:59 JST
Participants announced in early September 2015

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Asian Performing Arts Festival (APAF)

The Asian Performing Arts Festival (APAF) aims to encourage mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Asian countries, as well as promoting interaction between performing artists in order to raise the level of the performing arts in the region and develop new forms of artistic expression. Its goals also include finding new talent and work from the performing arts to build a globally recognized art market, which can contribute to the further promotion of contemporary art and culture in Asia.