Angélica Liddell Workshop: Applications now open

©Akiko Miyake
©Akiko Miyake

Ahead of her production at Festival/Tokyo 2015 this autumn, leading Spanish theatre director Angélica Liddell will be leading a workshop in Tokyo this summer.


The practical six-day workshop series is themed around the Book of Genesis and is suitable for performers, dancers and musicians. On the final day of the workshop, participants will present their work. Participants may also have an opportunity to take part in a future production.



Angélica Liddell

Writer, Director, Performer

Born in 1966, Angélica Liddell is a well-known name at many important European festivals. She won the Leone d’argento per il Teatro (Silver Lion for Theatre) at the Venice Biennale in 2013. In 1993 she founded Atra Bilis Teatro in Madrid, where she has staged 22 productions. As an avant-garde, radical and uncompromising artist, she was initially relegated to the fringe art scene, but after she presented her work outside Spain she soon won recognition. Today, Liddell’s productions are presented all over Europe and beyond. Her work has been translated into many languages. In addition to theatre work, Liddell also writes poetry and prose.

Workshop Dates


July 24th — July 28th 9:30-13:30, July 29th — July 30th all day (no workshop on July 27th)

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


Please note the workshops will take place in Spanish with Japanese interpretation. Applications are in English.


Applicants should be:

– A healthy male or female aged 18 years or over

– Able to participate in all the days

– Active as a performer, dancer or musician

– Fluent in either Spanish or Japanese


Participation in the workshop is free.

All participants will be covered by insurance for accidents. Underage applicants are required to submit a consent form signed by a guardian.

Workshop participants: 10 persons




Apply using the online form below (in Japanese, but entry in English required):


1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Gender

4. Address

5. Daytime contact telephone number

6. Email address

7. Occupation

8. Nationality

9. Have you ever seen any previous work by Angélica Liddell? (If yes, please include the names of the works.)

10. Language level (English, Spanish, Japanese)

11. Previous experience (in English)

12. Reason for applying (in English, 60-70 words)

13. YouTube video URL (5 minutes or less, as a wordless performance using theatre, dance or music, with or without props, in response to the theme of the Old Testament and Angélica Liddell’s question below)


Tell me about the Genesis and the Rage of God. How would you reverse the Genesis? How would you destroy the world? What would you ask God to be destroyed? What do you hate? Have you ever tried to kill (or kill yourself)? Is killing a way to reverse the Genesis? If so, what would you do to return the world to the origin, to the darkness? Why? What would be your sacrifice in order to let God destroy the world? What would you sacrifice to end with our pains? How would you kill someone that you hate? How would you take revenge from the human shit we have to bear? How would you take revenge from unhappiness.


Angélica Liddell


Application deadline: June 15th (23:59)


All applicants will be informed by July 10th.



The personal information of applicants will only be used for the purposes of the workshop application process, after which it will be destroyed.