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Hansol Yoongreenpig

Director, Artistic Director of greenpig

Born in 1972. He majored in sociology at university and studied theatre in Seoul and New York. He formed greenpig in 2006. After being selected as an emerging artist by an arts subsidy fund he has been producing many theatre pieces from his base in Seoul, always engaging with new themes and artistic formats. In 2011 he received the Doosan Yongan Prize, awarded to an artist expected to make a breakthrough in the near future. Currently he also teaches at Dankook University.


Founded in 2006 by director Hansol Yoon. Based in Seoul, it traverses and collaborates across different areas to make original works of theatre and also recreate classical texts. The group views its activities as a manual or tool for opposition or exodus, re-questioning existing social, political or theatrical values, and engaging with new themes and artistic forms. Its main productions include "I am glad" (2007), "Step-Memories - Return of the Oppressed" (2010), and "I am Sexking" (2011).

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