• <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Pop. Kitsch. Free. Travel around Tokyo with monkeys</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo01.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/tokytokisaru/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Toky Toki Saru&#8221;</span></p> Conceived and Directed by Pichet Klunchun </a></div> <div class="item_date">September 30th – October 1st<br>Minami Ikebukuro Park and other locations</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">A story told simultaneously in two places about what is near yet far away</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo02.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/shiba_wtkn/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">&#8220;In our distance, there is no sorrow.&#8221;</span> </p> Written and Directed by Yukio Shiba </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 7th – October 15th<br><span class="sss_small">Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Theatre East / Theatre West)</span></div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Glimpses of Fukushima today from past incidents in the everyday</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo03.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/performing_fukushima_17/"> <p><span class="iteml_title"> marebito theater company &#8220;Performing Fukushima&#8221;</span> </p> Written and Directed by marebito theater company </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 7th – October 15th<br>Theater Green BASE THEATER</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Out of the rubble, excavating the reality in Palestine today</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo04.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/inato_yearzero/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Palestine, Year Zero&#8221;</span> </p> Written and Directed by Einat Weizman </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 27th – October 29th<br>Owlspot Theater</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Ancient gods meet club music in this unique world of chaos</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo05.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/chen_china/"> <p><span class="s_small">Asia Series Vol.4: China<br />Chinese Millennials</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Trayastrimsa&#8221;</span> </p> Conceived, Directed and Stage Design by Tianzhuo Chen </a></div> <div class="item_date">November 10th – November 11th<br>Owlspot Theater</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Step inside the chaotic bedroom of Chinese millennials, a fantasy world where the real and the virtual intersect.</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo06.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/sun_china/"> <p><span class="s_small">Asia Series Vol.4: China<br />Chinese Millennials</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Love’s Labour’s Lost&#8221;</span> </p> Written and Directed by Xiaoxing Sun </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 28th – October 29th<br>SuperDeluxe</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Two nights of music by emerging talent in China today</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo07.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/music_china/"> <p><span class="s_small">Asia Series Vol.4: China<br />Chinese Millennials</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Autumn Sounds Night&#8221;</span> </p> Performers: Li Daiguo, Shao Yanpeng (aka SHAO), Meng Wang, Nova Heart </a></div> <div class="item_date">November 3th – November 4th<br />SuperDeluxe</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Leading figures from China’s millennial generation discuss photography, youth culture, music and fashion</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo08.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/talk_china/"> <p><span class="s_small">Asia Series Vol.4: China<br />Chinese Millennials</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title2">F/T Talks: Photography, Youth Culture, Music, Fashion</span> </p> <span class="s_small">Speakers: You Yan, Zafka Zhang, Lihui Shen, Tasha Liu</span> </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 28th, 29th, November 4th, 11th<br />SuperDeluxe, Owlspot Theater (Foyer)</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">On the trail of Edo’s famous old detective stories in Matsudo</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo09.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/nakano_machi/"> <p><span class="s_small">F/T in the City Performance Series</span><br /> <span class="s_small" style="letter-spacing: -0.01em;">Shigeki Nakano + Frankens &#8220;Halfway to Hanshichi&#8221;</span> </P> <span class="s_small">Written and Directed by Shigeki Nakano<br />Dramaturge: Kaku Nagashima<br />Based on “The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi” by Kido Okamoto</span> </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 6th – October 9th<br /><span class="sss_small">PARADISE AIR, FANCLUB (start point), and other locations</span></div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">An inventive and intimate theatre experience “played” as a game of bingo</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo10.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/fukuda_machi/"> <p><span class="s_small">F/T in the City Performance Series</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Adventure Bingo!!&#8221;</span></p> Written, Directed and Performed by Takeshi Fukuda </a></div> <div class="item_date"><div class="ssss_small">October 14th – November 11th<br />Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Atelier West), Owlspot Theatre (Foyer)</div></div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Creating, performing and examining “marriage” from an apartment in Tokyo</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo11.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/endo_machi/"> <p><span class="s_small">F/T in the City Performance Series</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title"> &#8220;I Am Not a Feminist!&#8221;</span></p> Written, Directed and Performed by Mai Endo </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 26th – October 29th<br />Goethe-Institut Tokyo</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">A same-sex couple and their child form a new portrait of the family</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo12.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/mori_machi/"> <p><span class="s_small">F/T in the City Performance Series</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Family Regained: The Picnic&#8221;</span><br /> </p> Conceived, Directed and Performed by Eiki Mori </a></div> <div class="item_date"><div class="ssss_small">November 3rd – November 12th<br />Talk Venue: Owlspot Theater (Meeting Room B)<br />Screening Venue: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park</div></div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">In the urban jungle, a dancing gorilla questions the nature of humanity</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo13.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/faifai_machi/"> <p><span class="s_small">F/T in the City Performance Series</span><br /> <span class="iteml_title">FAIFAI &#8220;Gorilla: What is Human?&#8221;</span></p> Directed by Yoko Kitagawa </a></div> <div class="item_date">November 12th<br />Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">The epic and bloody history of the Crusades, stunningly re-enacted with handmade puppets</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo14.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/cabaret_crusades/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">&#8220;Cabaret Crusades&#8221;</span></p> Directed by Wael Shawky </a></div> <div class="item_date">October 14th – October 16th<br />Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas</div>
  • <div class="mosaic-block fade"> <div class="mosaic-overlay"><span class="details">Capturing the theatre of the here and now</span></div> <div class="mosaic-backdrop"><img src="img/program/program_photo15.jpg" alt=""></div></div> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/jikkenn/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">Theatre for Experimentation and Dialogue: Theatre of Newcomers and Incidents</span></p> Performances: Furatto, / Shirakan / Ikuko Sekita / Daisuke Tamaki </a></div> <div class="item_date">November 3rd – November 5th<br />Owlspot Theater</div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo16.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/campus/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">F/T Campus</span> </p> This workshop event brings together students interested in cultural policy, theatre and the arts.</a></div> <div class="item_date">October 6th – October 9th<br /></div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo17.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/symposium/"> <p>Symposium:<br /> <span class="s_small">International Festivals as Seen in Criticism Today</span></p> <div style="line-height: 1.2em;"> This symposium examines the state of festivals abroad as well as the function and status of criticism in various countries, and debates the future of international festivals. </div></a></div> <div class="item_date"><div class="ssss_small">October 9th<br />Conference Room 1, 3F Building 33, Toyama Campus, Waseda University</div></div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo18.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/project/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">NONTOKOYO</span><br /> (A World for Eternal Emergencies) </p> Conceived and Devised by Team for NONTOKOYO<br />Dramaturge: Kaku Nagashima </a></div> <div class="item_date">November 4th – November 5th<br />BUoY Arts Center Tokyo</div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo19.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/station/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">F/T Station</span></p> Open for two weeks during the festival, this information center offers audiences the chance to learn more about F/T17’s events. </a></div> <div class="item_date"></div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo20.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/en/program/talk/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">F/T Talks</span></p> F/T Talks is a series of discussions helping audiences learn more about the performances and events in the festival. </a></div> <div class="item_date"></div>
  • <img src="img/program/program_photo21.jpg" alt=""> <div class="item_outline_e"> <a href="/17/program/books/"> <p><span class="iteml_title">F/T Books</span></p> Selected by the festival artists, these books and publications help audiences learn more about the productions and events at F/T17. </a></div> <div class="item_date"></div>

<div id="title_co_program_e"></div> <div class="co_program_item"> <div class="item"> <ul class="article_item"> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/parco_flamenco/"> <p class="sub_title">Company Eva Yerbabuena</p> <p class="title">“¡AY!” “Apariencias”</p> <p class="contents" style="margin-top:5px;"> Directed, Conceived and Choreographed by Eva Yerbabuena<br /> Musical Director, Guitar: Paco Jarana </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/parco_gekijo/"> <p class="sub_title">PARCO Production </p> <p class="title">“La fureur de ce que je pense”</p> <p class="contents" style="margin-top:5px;"> Written by Nelly Arcan<br /> Adapted and Directed by Marie Brassard </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/saitama_momoiro/"> <p class="sub_title">Saitama Gold Theater</p> <p class="title">“The mass of pale pink” </p> <p class="contents">Written and Directed by Ryo Iwamatsu </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/saitama_last/"> <p class="sub_title">Batsheva Dance Company</p> <p class="title">“Last Work” </p> <p class="contents">Directed and Choreographed by Ohad Naharin </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/mrgaga/"> <p class="title">“Mr. Gaga”</p> <p class="contents">Directed by Tomer Heymann</p> </a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/st_happy/"> <p class="sub_title">Tokyo Deathlock</p> <p class="title">“ARE YOU HAPPY??? A triple feature performance for happiness”</p> <p class="contents">Directed by Junnosuke Tada </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/st_dance/"> <p class="title">ST Spot 30th Anniversary Dance Selection</p> <p class="contents" style="margin-top:5px;">Directed and Choreographed by Zan Yamashita</p> <p class="contents">Directed and Choreographed by Aokid, Teita Iwabuchi, Tomoyo Okada, Momoko Shiraga</p> <p class="contents">Directed and Choreographed by Un Yamada, Kenzo Kusuda </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/setageya_xy/"> <p class="sub_title">Compagnie XY</p> <p class="title">“It’s not yet midnight...”</p> <p class="contents">Directed and Choreographed by Compagnie XY </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/bouy_junjun/"> <p class="sub_title">JunJun SCIENCE</p> <p class="title">“On the corner”</p> <p class="contents">Choreographed and Directed by Jun Takahashi </p></a> </li> <li class="tile"> <a href="/17/en/program/kichi_saka/"> <p class="sub_title">Kani Public Arts Center ala Collection Series Vol.10 </p> <p class="title">“The House on the Hill”</p> <p class="contents"> Written by Masataka Matsuda<br /> Directed by Masanori Takahashi </p></a> </li> </ul><!-- .article_item --> </div><!-- .item --> </div><!-- .co_program_item -->